There are huge changes that have been introduced by instagram because of advancement in technology. These changes are aimed at making work easier for the users of the app to easily post photos and other things to instagram. This tech news is very good for the users of the app because they find it easy to use the app. According to statistics there are over 500 million active users of instagram and this was as at June 2016. This is one of the best social networking apps or platforms people use for sharing videos, photos and other things from their desktops and mobile devices. The 5 ways that are used to post to instagram from desktop are:


With gramblr you can be able to upload videos and photos from the PC. It is one of the most popular third party applications because it is widely used across the globe. The main advantage with gramblr is that it is easy install and at the same time very easy to use. It is also compatible with both mac computers and the Windows and has an interface that resembles that of the official mobile app.


Bluestacks App Player is software that was unveiled in 2011 by the BlueStacks company. It is an android emulator and has the ability to run on both the mac OS and Windows. BlueStacks is popular because it is the one that is used in games.

Running Android on the virtual machine

Do you know what a virtual machine is? This is a emulation software that plays the role of running the operating systems in entirety and it does this within the software of the virtual machine. In fact we should think of it as a computer that is within another computer. Once it has been configured on the virtual machine, what you are only required to do is to download the instagram and start using it immediately from your desktop or PC.


The drop plays a very important role more so when things start becoming troublesome during uploading the photos or videos. Drop is the best answer that you are looking for because what you are supposed to do is to just upload the videos and the photos to the dropbox from your PC and then it can be easy for you to transfer them to the phone. The Instagram desktop app instapic is very effective when uploading photos and videos. Once you have uploaded all the videos and the photos now you can be able to fire up instagram and start your work of posting them.


Apart from configuring the virtual machine, there are other options that are available and that may work for you. There are other programs that can be used to package the android operating system and the virtual machines and they include the AMIDuOS and Andy. The main role of these pre-configured solutions is to ensure the android runs smoothly of the PC. Android on PC works well and it is easy to configure making it easy to upload photos and videos.


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